Tommy Youn

Tommy’s journey in golf took off when he immigrated to Toronto in 1987 with his family from his homeland of Seoul, South Korea. Nearly two decades later, Tommy became a member of the Canadian PGA in 2006. In addition to playing in several Canadian Tour events, he also participated in Q-school for the PGA Tour.

Tommy held teaching positions at the King’s Riding Golf Club, a Clublink course, and at various golf courses throughout the city of Toronto. He comes backed with plenty of instructing experience helping students of all ages and all levels of golfing ability.

Tommy has had the privilege of receiving coaching certificates from many renowned golf institutes, including Hank Haney, Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter, Dave Peltz, AimPoint/Aimpoint Express, Zenolink Biomechanics, Golf Psychology Programs and Golf Fitness Instructor Certification Programs. He has continued to embrace the beliefs and fundamentals that he was taught and developed at the various institutes that he has been a part of throughout his professional golf teaching career, and continues to successfully carry them through as an important part of the program at Tommy Youn Golf.

As a full-time golf teaching professional, Tommy is a well-rounded instructor who is able to help budding golfers improve their game using his helpful fundamentals.

Developing a Well-Rounded Golfer at Tommy Youn Golf.

My philosophy

Improving technique is obviously a key part of playing a successful game of golf. However, better technique doesn’t always necessarily guarantee better results and performance. There is much more to the refined golfer than simply focusing on good technique. Instead, improving your overall golf game also involves analyzing your game as a whole, including taking into consideration how your body moves (biomechanics), how you practice, and how you strategize while in the middle of a game on the golf course.

Our team of experienced golf instructors will take a close look at each and every aspect of your golfing performance and take the necessary measures to help you improve your approach in order to effectively lower your scores.